Taping, Fiber Optic & Misc.


Taping and Binding Heads

Concentric Tape Heads 12″ – 24″ diameter, 3″ – 6″ cores up to 2000 rpm. Flat package and traverse wound package units available. Binding Heads in standard package sizes up to 3000 rpm. All machines are customized per customer package size and wire line height. High speed binding and taping heads are contained in heavy duty frames with safety interlocks. Manual or automatic tension control.

Aramid Fiber Servers

Available from 8 to 120 position. Accommodates standard cob package sizes. Standard units incorporate manual set “alligator” type tensioners. Higher tensioning range units with controlled pneumatic tensioning also available. Rotational speed ranges from 100-400 RPM.

Core Neutralizing/Neutralizing Payoffs

Any number of Flyer Arm, Yoke style and Closed Cradle models available from 630mm (24″) to 2500mm (96″). Digital electronic or conventional line shafting, RPM as needed. Powered dancer position driven or drag brake versions available. Precision machined and dynamically balanced.